Aero Fund PCC Limited - Official List Notice

Aero Fund PCC Limited

Aero Fund PCC Limited - Official List Notice

03/04/2017 17:54
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Notice: 172

notice-172-485.pdf (99.2KB)

Member Firm: Velay Financial Services Limited

Fund:  Aero Fund PCC Limited

Affected Tranche(s)/ Cells: Cells A & D


At the Board meeting of Aero Fund PCC Limited held on the 29th March 2017, the directors resolved to apply for the cancellation of Listing of: Aero Fund PCC Ltd, Cell A - Aero Fixed Income - Class A Redeemable Preference Shares and Aero Fund PCC Ltd, Cell D - World Global Bonds - Class D Redeemable Preference Shares, from the Official List of the Listing Authority, effective 31st March 2017.

Velay Financial Services Limited, acted as Listing Member.

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