Corporate actions on BARCLAYS BANK IRELAND PLC issued products

Offering Circular Pursuant to the Global Structured Securities Programme

  • 30/06/2023
  • 16:50

Notice: 1237

BAR38GDOIXS2170337302_F_PC_N_Corporate Action-1237-503.pdf (274.9KB)

Following the corporate action by alphabet inc on 18 july 2022, the issuer has determined that a potential adjustment event, as defined in the terms and conditions of the securities, has occurred.
The determination agent has determined that the potential adjustment event has had a diluting or concentrative effect on the theoretical prices of alphabet inc-cl a shares and has amended the historical prices by multiplying them by the adjustment factor of 0.05 and underlying entitlement for alphabet inc. the final termsheet and the pricing supplement in effect as of the date of this additional disruption event (Isin: XS2170337302) is deemed to be amended and restated.

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