The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Uses New Blockchain Protocol to Deploy Demo Bond

05 Mar 2019

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange has today deployed a demonstration bond issuance, utilising the Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlement (STACS) Network. The success of this demonstration is another significant advance towards the issuance, trading, clearing and settling of Digital Securities for the GSX.

Successful Demonstration

As part of the GSX Group’s innovative fintech ecosystem, the GSX seeks to transform the capital markets using blockchain technology. Located in a world-leading jurisdiction, Gibraltar is a bastion for the support and development of the emerging blockchain economy. As one of a number of strategic partners taking part in this private demonstration of the STACS Protocol, built by the GSX Group Joint Venture, Hashstacs Inc, the GSX today deployed a GSX Digital Stock Exchange Prototype demo bond. The GSX Prototype, has the capacity to launch the bond, track selling reports, enforce selling and eligibility restrictions, and distribute repayment dividends using smart contracts. Nick Cowan, CEO of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and founder of GSX Group, commented on the demo, stating:

“Our vision at GSX has been to revolutionise the current capital markets model by enabling the listing and trading of digital securities. This is the next significant step in a new paradigm for global finance — opening up new liquidity pools and products. The successful demo bond issuance on STACS brings us closer to achieving our goal, as one of the first movers in this nascent technology. The GSX will continue to push the boundaries and advocate for greater adoption, so together we can direct the future of capital markets.”

GSX: Part of a Future Global Network

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange, using the STACS Network, aims to be part of a global undertaking to bring about a new era in blockchain powered finance. The STACS Network empowers issuers with global interoperability, providing a robust infrastructure where they could issue security tokens, in the jurisdiction of their choice. STACS is a new generation scalable ledger network layer that effortlessly stacks on top of existing financial institutions and enables the tokenisation of the financial services industry.

To find out more about the STACS Protocol, visit:

If you have ambition to become a GSX Member Firm or a potential issuer aiming to utilise Blockchain-based digital securities on a regulated stock exchange, please provide your credentials and deal specifics, visit HERE.

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