GBX And QUOINE Announce A Strategic Partnership

GBX And QUOINE Announce A Strategic Partnership

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As 2017 draws to a close, at the GBX things are ramping up before the new year. With Gibraltar’s DLT regulatory framework coming in to effect in in January, we’ve been hard at work setting things up for the future of the Crypto Harbour. Today, we’re pleased to announce the next step in this journey.

Today, GBX and QUOINE have finalised a strategic partnership to work together towards the future of our new blockchain exchange. The deal is built on industry best practices and proven technology that will allow the cryptocurrency markets a robust global liquidity alliance.

Our plans to build a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange. The GBX, as a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, is in a unique position. Based in Gibraltar, the front-runner for jurisdictional regulation on blockchain businesses, we believe we are on the front lines in this new technological revolution.

The goal is to create a marketplace, where issuers, traders and stakeholders can participate with confidence and trust due to our strict due-diligence process and community code of conduct.

By teaming up with QUOINE, one of the largest digital exchanges in the world (based on trading volumes) that follows strict and careful KYC onboarding required in Japan, we are working with a partner that is not only a global leader, but that shares our values when it comes to business.

Nick Cowan, CEO at GBX, said: “By building a well-governed community, establishing best practices, and a gold standard code of conduct for token sales, the GBX aims to be the platform for the next generation of the emerging new economy. Our partnership with QUOINE is a perfect match as we share the same principles and vision. QUOINE brings in best-in-class technology and a wealth of experience in the digital asset exchanges, and GBX brings in traditional regulated exchange experience and a token listing platform that aims to revolutionise the industry.”

Mike Kayamori, CEO and Co-founder of QUOINE added: “We are excited to be partnering with GBX, an exchange that shares our vision for a truly liquid crypto economy. The first phase of our partnership will be the listing of the GBX Rock token sale on our crypto-only exchange, QRYPTOS. In the next phase to build our global liquidity alliance, GBX will offer the QASH token as one of the payment tokens for all fees incurred on their platform, providing more payment flexibility for GBX customers. We hope QASH will help bridge Gibraltar’s blockchain fintech ecosystem and the rest of the crypto economy through our exchanges, QUOINEX, QRYPTOS and the LIQUID platform.”

Standing side by side, the GBX and QUOINE will usher in the next stage in our plans to develop a centre of excellence for fintech companies, specifically using Blockchain technology, with the ambition to achieve this within a regulatory environment in Gibraltar.


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