GSX Becomes a Member of The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Project

GSX Becomes a Member of The Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Project

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As from the 26th September, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange is now part of Hyperledger, the open source collaborative to enhance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

In a statement released earlier today, Brian Behlendorf, the Executive Director of Hyperledger said “The immense growth we’ve seen this year signifies an acceptance and understanding of Hyperledger blockchain solutions for business”.

As Her Majesty Government of Gibraltar continues to work towards a regulatory framework for Distrubted Ledger Technology, GSX continues to develop the ecosystem with strategic partnerships with organisations such as Hyperledger.

Nick Cowan, CEO for GSX said:

“We are today at the beginning of the blockchain revolution, witnessing in real time an explosion of ideas, experiments and projects that aim to completely redesign global capital markets for the new era”.

Earlier this month, the GSX announced the Blockchain Innovation Centre. Inviting people with concepts and ideas looking to connect with likeminded individuals, driving this technology in a jurisdiction soon to have a regulatory framework in place.

Nick continued by adding; “The Gibraltar Stock Exchange’s membership in Hyperledger provides us with an exciting opportunity to connect, share ideas and collobrate with like minded innovators and industry leaders, without boundaries, with the aim of building consensus for the new global framework”.

Hyperledger aims to build an open source distributed ledger framework and code base, allowing organisations to create specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to help support industry specific business transactions.

GSX was one of 10 new members announced today, showing the growth, development and commitment to this space. All the parties involved with Hyperledger, from blue chip tech companies to investment banks, believe in the technologies ability to change the way we work.

In closing, Brian Behlendorf, the Executive Director of Hyperledger commented:

“These new diverse members have agreed to contribute their leadership and energy to the Hyperledger community. We thank them for their support and validation as we drive towards more PoCs, pilots and productions use cases of Hyperledger technologies in the enterprise.”

The GSX continues to build an environment in Gibraltar that will not only welcome blockchain and DLT businesses, but where they can thrive.

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