GSX visit Hong Kong, China Credit Fintech Holdings

GSX visit Hong Kong, China Credit Fintech Holdings

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During the week of Monday 24-Apr, the Managing Director, Nick Cowan, and Marketing Director, Philip Young, of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange visited Hong Kong, to discuss cooperation with China Credit Fintech Holdings.

Credit China FinTech Holdings Limited is a leading integrated FinTech group with a focus on providing 24/7 online financial services to SMEs, merchants and individuals in China and Asia through internet and mobile solutions.

CCF has developed a FinTech ecosystem in China, through organic growth and acquisitions, comprising multiple platforms and over 32 million individual, corporate and merchant users, which together generated transactions worth over RMB 800 billion (US$120 billion) in 2016.

The visit was very successful and the Gibraltar Stock Exchange looks forward to the future of its relationship with Credit China FinTech Holdings.

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