ACF Equity Research

ACF Equity Research

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Third Party Due Diligence Provider
Contact: Amalia Barnoschi
Tel: +44 20 7558 8974
Email: [email protected]

ACF Equity Research is an independent research house specialising in the highest specification independent equity research for corporate clients. ACF Equity Research was founded to address the need for liquidity in the listed, micro, small (AIM) and mid-cap and unlisted (private) market and to set a new precedent in corporate sponsored (issuer pays) research.

ACF Equity Research delivers premium independent corporate sponsored equity, debt and due diligence research characterised by its accuracy, clarity and foresight based upon a fundamental valuation approach.

Our independent research is designed to educate our professional investor readers about your company, with an emphasis on clear and accurate explanations.

We believe in the importance and value of clarity, the careful articulation of technical ideas, concepts and solutions. Our team of analysts are independently minded individuals who believe in thoroughness, technical competence and clear punchy communications.

At ACF we understand that our success is dependent on a combination of high quality credible product, excellent global distribution capability and first class access, combined with a proactive approach to portfolio managers. We believe it is not enough to mimic traditional services and distribution for corporate sponsored research.

We also provide support for investment managers looking for consistent, reliable research coverage and related services for lower and low liquidity companies. Part of our difference is that when ACF provides equity research support for listed, micro, AiM and mid-cap scale and private companies, professional investors get the same support they should expect to get (but often don’t) from equity research services for large cap international stocks.

Other services we offer are:

  • Independent Valuation
  • Equity and Debt Research
  • Distribution
  • Strategic & Practical Support to NED and Boards
  • Defence Strategy, Research and Execution
  • Advisor Verification
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Project Management