Feracs Asset Management & Advisory SA

Feracs Asset Management & Advisory SA

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Class 1 & Class 2 Listing Member

Contact: Mr Romualdo Cipriano
Tel: +41 919 240 102
Email: [email protected]

Feracs Asset Management & Advisory SA is very flexible independent asset Management Company certified by FINMA through the self-regulatory organization OADFCT of canton Ticino based in Lugano Switzerland.  

The company is a listing agent for open-ended funds, closed-ended funds, bonds, asset backed securities and derivatives in Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX).

We provide financial engineering and securitization services: analyzing, searching and designing tailor-made structured products, ETI, funds, Insurance, debt and equity capital markets products across all the asset classes.

Feracs Asset Management & Advisory offers advisory services to institutional clients depending on client risk profile segment and return target. We make it easy to explore alternative strategies and invest with confidence. The asset allocation, selection, tailor made analysis and risk management requirements for Mutual funds, Ucits, banks, insurance companies and other institutions are achieved in the best possible way.

We provide Discretionary Portfolio Management, a personalized investment service to High Networth Individuals, the definition of the portfolio of each customer is made based on a thorough analysis of needs and investment objectives.

Whether you are an institutional or individual investor, an experienced pro or just starting out, Feracs Asset Management & Advisory can help you find the right options for your needs, develop a customized strategy, and navigate with clarity. With over 20 years of successful asset management experience, you can depend on us to be a trustworthy partner.  

Our experience and expertise in successful asset management offers increased flexibility and wider choices of asset classes and investment strategies.          

We build a solid performance for our clients and take care of the best investment opportunities to optimize legal, fiscal needs and effective risk management, using internal and external resources.

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