How to List Debt Securities

How to List Debt Securities

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The GSX Listing Codes (found in the "Codes" section at the bottom of the website) set out the process for listing and admission of debt securities to GSX, summarised below:

  • Appoint a Member Firm. Applicants must appoint a Member Firm which is qualified to list Debt Securities (Class 2) and is responsible for dealing with the Gibraltar Stock Exchange on all matters relating to the application, listing, and continuing obligations of all debt securities admitted to the Official List.
  • Prepare your Prospectus/Listing Particulars.All Debt securities seeking admission to GSX must publish a Prospectus (Main Market) or Listing Particulars (Global Market). GSX has published Prospectus Handbooks which help prepare the Prospectus and/or Listing Particulars.
  • Submit your documentation.. Your Member Firm will submit your Prospectus and/or Listing Particulars and supporting documents to GSX.
  • Review by GSX.Your documents are reviewed by GSX initially. Comments are returned within 5 business days on the first submission and 3 business days on any subsequent submission.
  • Final Submission. Once comments are cleared, GSX will submit the final prospectus and listing documents to the GFSC for approval, who have a further 5 days in which to raise any final issues.
  • GSX will inform the Member Firm when the Prospectus or Listing Particulars are approved.
  • The approved Prospectus or Listing Particulars are published by GSX on its website.
  • Announcement of admission.GSX announces the admission of your securities to the market via a formal notice. The securities are included in the Official List.
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