Why List Debt Securities

Why List Debt Securities

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It is the ambition of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange to be a leading exchange for the listing of debt securities.  A listing on GSX Main Market together with an approved prospectus can in many circumstances provide:

  • A gateway to EU capital markets
  • Increased investor confidence and transparency

For both the (EU-regulated) Main Market and (self -regulated) Global Market, GSX’s aim is to provide a listing service that offers both:

  • Speed to market
  • Competitive costs

A Gateway to EU Capital Markets

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange’s Main Market is an EU-regulated market. Gibraltar is an onshore jurisdiction which is fully up-to-date with all EU directives.

Companies wishing to finance themselves on capital markets by issuing Debt securities can now do so by listing on GSX.

Debt securities with an approved prospectus, listed on the GSX Main Market are able to raise capital across all EU capital markets simultaneously thanks to the single passport principle.

Increased investor confidence

One of the most important duties of a GSX Listing Member is to protect and maintain the orderly operation, integrity, and reputation of GSX.

GSX ensures that, for both markets, all Member Firms adopt a consistent set of key due diligence parameters in accordance with our Procedures Manual. Member Firms must conduct due diligence on the underlying applicant’s director and controllers, as well as consider in detail aspects of the applicant’s legal, financial, and commercial proposition.

The use of accredited Third Party Due Diligence Providers to provide detailed commercial due diligence is, in many cases, a mandatory exercise.


As an EU-regulated market, all debt securities listed on the GSX Main Market must comply with EU Directives including the Transparency Directive, the Consolidated Admission and Reporting Directive, and the Prospectus Directive, facilitating the sale of the security to a wide range of investors, attracting those investors who, due to internal investment criteria, legal or regulatory restrictions can only invest in listed securities on regulated markets.

Speed to market

GSX understands that speed is important for issuers bringing debt securities to market. GSX guarantees turnaround times on its review of your application enabling you to plan your listing with certainty.

Competitive cost

The fees charged by GSX and its Member Firms in general are highly competitive. This makes the overall listing process very cost effective. Full GSX fee details can be found in the Fees section of the website below.

Global Market

See 'Main Market' Members section for member details.