GSX Trading Holidays

GSX Trading Holidays

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 The Gibraltar Stock Exchange will be closed for business during the following Gibraltar National Holidays:



Christmas Day: Monday 25th December 2017

Boxing Day: Tuesday 26th December 2017



New Year’s Day: Monday 1st January 2018
Commonwealth Day: Monday 12th March 2018
Good Friday: Friday 30th March 2018
Easter Monday: Monday 2nd April 2018
Workers Memorial Day: Monday 30th April 2018
May Day: Tuesday 1st May 2018
Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 28th May 2018
Queen’s Birthday: Monday 11th June 2018
Late Summer Bank Holiday: Monday 27th August 2018
Gibraltar National Day: Monday 10th September 2018
Christmas Day: Tuesday 25th December 2018
Boxing Day: Wednesday 26th December 2018



New Year’s Day: Tuesday 1st January 2019
Commonwealth Day: Monday 11th March 2019
Good Friday: Friday 19th April 2019
Easter Monday: Monday 22nd April 2019
Workers Memorial Day: Monday 29th April 2019
May Day: Wednesday 1st May 2019
Spring Bank Holiday: Monday 27th May 2019
Queen’s Birthday: Monday 17th June 2019
Late Summer Bank Holiday: Monday 26th August 2019
Gibraltar National Day: Tuesday 10th September 2019
Christmas Day: Wednesday 25th December 2019
Boxing Day: Thursday 26th December 2019

Updated on 08 January 2019


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