Why Be a Member?

Why Be a Member?

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An Exchange focussed on reputation and quality

Member Firms plays a crucial role in upholding the quality, reputation, and integrity of both GSX markets.  

GSX ensures that, for both markets, all Member Firms adopt a consistent set of key due diligence parameters in accordance with our Procedures Manual. Member Firms must conduct due diligence on the underlying applicant’s director and controllers, as well as consider in detail aspects of the applicant’s legal, financial, and commercial proposition.

The use of accredited Third Party Due Diligence Providers to provide detailed commercial due diligence is, in many cases, a mandatory exercise.

Member Firms are responsible for advising clients on their obligations and guiding them through the admission process.

Member Firms are also responsible for dealing with the Gibraltar Stock Exchange on all matters relating to the application, listing, and continuing obligations of securities admitted to the Official List.

Our Philosophy and Network

GSX is Gibraltar's first stock exchange and is playing an important role in elevating Gibraltar's position as a leading, onshore, European financial centre.

Through our unique listing process, GSX’s markets provide guaranteed turnaround times for listing applications and strives at all times to achieve the highest satisfaction possible for its Member Firms.

As a Member Firm of GSX you become part of the GSX business development network. You can expand and enhance your range of corporate services to new and existing clients by offering a listing service to both Gibraltarian and overseas domiciled issuers. 

With GSX’s continued expansion of its product offering, there are further opportunities for Member Firms to increase their range of corporate services. 

Gibraltar enjoys a unique position as a financial services jurisdiction, and the Gibraltar Stock Exchange also enjoys a unique position as a stock exchange. In a post-Brexit Europe, Gibraltar will retain the same regulatory heritage as the United Kingdom, allowing for a relationship with the United Kingdom which no other jurisdiction has. Conversely, Gibraltar will also be part of the arrangement which the United Kingdom makes with the European Union going forward.

Global Market

See 'Main Market' Members section for member details.