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Why List?

Why List?


  • Increased marketability
  • Increased investor confidence
  • Increased investor transparency
  • EU Distribution
  • Speed to Market
  • Competitive Costs

Increased fund marketability

A GSX listing facilitates the sale of the fund to a wide range of, attracting those investors who, due to internal investment criteria, legal or regulatory restrictions, can only invest in listed securities on regulated markets or markets with various recognition statuses.

Investor Confidence

GSX’s listings must sign an annual statement of compliance confirming they have complied with GSX’s continuing obligations. Disclosure enhances investor confidence.

Investor Transparency

GSX’s website displays regular operational data, such as the Net Asset Value (NAV) enhancing investor transparency. 

EU Marketing/Distribution

A listing can assist the distribution and marketing of a fund, particularly an offshore alternative investment fund (AIF) into the EU in advance of an EU passport being issued.

Speed to Market

GSX understands that speed is important for investment managers and promoters bringing an investment fund to market. GSX guarantees turnaround times on its review of your application enabling you to plan your listing with certainty.

Competitive Cost

GSX’s fees are highly competitive. Full fee details can be found in the fees section below.

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GSX Main Market


+ Who Can Become a Member
+ Why Become a Member
+ How to Become a Member
+ List of Members
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Debt Securities

+ Who Can List
+ Why List
+ How to List
+ Recognised States
+ Debt Prospectus Handbook
+ Debt Securities Application Bundle
Open Ended Funds

+ Who Can List
+ Why List
+ How to List
+ Recognised States
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Closed Ended Funds

+ Who Can List
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+ CECIS Prospectus Handbook
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+ Open Ended Fund Fees PDF
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+ Listing Code for Debt Securities
+ Listing Code for Open Ended CIS
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+ Members Code for Listing Members
+ Stock Exchange Code

GSX Global Market


See above for Member Firm details.
Debt Securities

+ Who Can List
+ Why List
+ How to List
+ GM Debt Securities Application Bundle

+ Who Can List
+ Why List
+ How to List
+ GM Fund Application Bundle


+ GM Fund Fees PDF
+ Fund Fee Calculator
+ GM Debt Security Fees PDF
+ GM Fees Bundle

+ GM Listing Code for Debt Securities
+ GM Listing Code for Funds

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