GSX Limited is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a full member of the EU Internal Market in Financial Services and is subject to the full panoply, and benefits, of EU financial services directives. In respect of those areas of financial services business where EU law applies, the Financial Services Commission is required to supervise and regulate financial services business in accordance with European Union obligations and, in those areas, to establish and implement standards and supervisory practices which match the standards and supervisory practices governing the provision of financial services in the United Kingdom. During the year, the Commission's primary focus has continued to be to deliver on its statutory duties.

These duties are set out in the Financial Services Commission Act 2007 and include the following regulatory objectives:

- the promotion of market confidence;
- the reduction of systemic risk;
- the promotion of public awareness;
- the protection of the good reputation of Gibraltar;
- the protection of consumers; and
- the reduction of financial crime.

For further details on the FSC's work, please visit their website:


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